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Stics announces a faster way to get increased ROI all on your desktop!

That mountain of data in your database system presents amazing potential for mining information about your players. What have they spent? How often have they visited? What might lure them back? But your current big data analytics efforts probably overlook the obvious question: How do you foretell the future and repeat your successes month after month? SticsInsight with SticsViewer is your key. Click here to learn more.

CEM Announces 2013 HOT Award Winners

The Stics Behavioral Model was awarded the Casino Enterprise Management 2013 Hospitality Operations Technology  Award in the category of Revenue Generation. Click here to learn more about the awards.


Stics provides predictive analytics to maximize gaming revenue. Stics’ data scientists are able to look ahead, so you can be proactive. Where most analysis is retrospective, Stics predictive analytics provides the ability to know what is likely to happen next. Stics’ unique combination of analytical software, complex mathematical models, computing power and industry experience empower you to generate additional gaming revenue and find profitable customers.