Analytical Reports

Stics Business Intelligence Reporting for the gaming industry

Stics Business Intelligence analytical reports provide multi-dimensional views into your customer and operational data. It reduces an overwhelming volume of information into manageable and useful perspectives, illuminating the performance trends and details necessary to make effective decisions.

Standard Reports

Stics offers cost-effective packaged and custom solutions to meet your business’s needs.
Content-rich monthly reports reveal the things you must know about your business including:

Operational Dashboard
View at-a- glance key performance metrics for the current month. Instantly know which customer segments are over- or under- invested for their contribution.

Casino Performance
Track your performance with a month-over-month comparison of key gaming metrics including trips, sessions and ADW.

Promotional Costs
Know exactly how much you’re investing – including free play – in soliciting activities.

Consolidated P&L
Understand the financial performance of your business and identify which customer segments are costing you vs. contributing to your profitability.

Slot Play by Time of Day
Visualize slot session volume and see when most desired customers play.

Performance by Customer Segment
Detailed performance metrics across multiple dimensions of customer segmentation, including cross-comparison of performance by segment.

Consolidated Segment Trends
See at-a-glance which segments are growing or declining month-over-month, as well as their contribution to overall gaming performance.

Individual Segment Trend
Focus on an individual customer segment to track performance over a six-month period.

Revenue & Cost by Segment
Visualize revenue, cost and profit for each customer segment.

Top Winners & Losers
Enable your marketing department and casino hosts to deliver personalized service to your most (and least) active customers.

Optimal Offer™ Report
Know the best offer for each player, so you’re investing the optimal amount per customer – including managing free play cost, and discretionary reinvestment.

Turn your customer data into profit, with Stics Business Intelligence Reporting Service.

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