The Stics® Behavioral Model

The Behavioral Model is offered as part of the SticsPredicts™ predictive assessment package, revolutionized the way play activity is asses and is a technological leap forward, providing an actionable basis in tailoring incentives for individual player to maximize revenue.

 The Behavioral Model examines the entire play history of each gambler in a casino’s database and extracts behavioral patterns from the data. It determines for each visit, the likely reason each gambler stopped playing and ascribes this stopping behavior to one of three behavioral rules:

 1. Time-Limited Players: Fixed playing time, regardless of outcome
Careful with free-play – Don’t cannibalize paying play.
2. Budget-Limited Players: Spend budget, regardless of time 
Offer generous free play – No cannibalization!
3. Free-Play Limited Players: Will only bet with Free-Play
Don’t offer them anything! They won’t contribute value.
Time-limited players, for instance, should only be given earned Free-Play. When time is limited, they spend incentives first. In these cases, each dollar of Free-Play displaces a dollar out-of-wallet before the player must leave.  Players that are Free-Play Limited should only be incented with conditional offers. If not, they will not play with their own money, but just play with your offer dollars. The best players are Budget-limited players—those that play until they’ve exhausted their available wallet.  They should be incented with offers at a value that will keep them from playing at your competitors. Higher incentive levels can be offered to them with less risk, because they will still tend to spend their entire budget.