Business Intelligence Reporting

Transforming Casino Data into Profit

Information fuels your business. Imagine knowing without a doubt how to attract the most profitable customers while lowering your reinvestment costs. Now you can.

The Stics Business Intelligence service enables you to:

  • Take action on essential information locked inside your data,
  • Eliminate the guesswork from managing your customers, and
  • Direct investment where it counts.

Stics is the only analytic provider with a gaming-specific business intelligence solution. Stics Business Intelligence provides tools to visualize your existing customer data more strategically, showing you how to achieve more return visits, higher revenues, and lower reinvestment costs. It organizes, cleans, analyzes and transforms your data into a powerful business resource.

Choose Your Level of Business Intelligence

Stics Business Intelligence gives you specific, actionable insights based on the data you already collect. Stics offers cost-effective packaged and custom solutions to meet your business’ needs:

Standard Service

Content-rich monthly reports reveal the things you must know about your business including: which customers cost you more than they’re worth, ways to quickly grow your business and how to maximize your profit.

Expanded Service

Get even deeper insights into customer response, where to target investment to drive higher revenues, and integrate hotel data to discover your true performance and reinvestment costs.

Configurable Elements

Manage your business on your terms by changing Business Intelligence metrics and definitions to reflect exactly how you operate.

Custom Solutions

Maximize your intelligence advantage with value-added elements we design specifically for you.


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