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Stics, Inc. CHIPS’ Product Delivers Impressive Results

at the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino

Stics’ patent-pending CHIPS’ product has been in use at the Beau Rivage
Resort and Casino, Biloxi, MS, since June of 2008. CHIPS’ has provided significant improvements in revenue and player response every month.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada. The Stics, Inc. CHIPS’ (Casino and Hospitality Industry Predictive Science) announced last month at the G2E Conference in Las Vegas has been bringing in impressive results for casino operations. For instance, the Stics product has been in use at the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino, one of the largest casino properties in the Southeast, since June of 2008. During that time, it has racked up impressive and consistent results.

Worth $500,000 per Month

Brian J. Bork, VP of Marketing for MGM MIRAGE Mississippi Operations, is delighted with the results experienced using the CHIPS product, stating, “The Stics product has become part of our regular marketing program at both the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino in Biloxi, MS, and the Gold Strike Resort and Casino, in Tunica, MS. During the five months of use, the results have been outstanding and the services of the Stics staff as responsive, timely, professional, and well informed about the casino business. Working collaboratively with Stics helps us target our offers, criteria and selection of players to mail. On average per month, we have experienced a $500,000 incremental gain to our revenues; making our investment with Stics pay for itself by more than 10X. Obviously, Stics is part of our go forward strategy. Stics rocks!”

Stics helps the Beau Rivage, and other properties, boost profits and reduce costs by optimizing mailings to both table and machine loyalty players. The results experienced at the Beau Rivage are typical with the Stics CHIPS product. Typically, CHIPS provides a ten times or better return on investment beginning with its first month of operation. In economically challenging times, the Stics CHIPS product can help find those customers that might not have spent all their available gaming dollars. CHIPS can find those customers that have predicted values higher than their apparent values in a number of dimensions. These are viable customers that may be overdue to return to your property. CHIPS finds them and then works with you to provide just the right motivation or promotion to bring them back to your property.

How CHIPS Works

Using proprietary algorithms, gaming and property data, plus the insights gained from years of examining and deciphering complex gambling data, Stics statisticians have built and deployed a variety of predictive models to maximize profitability. This Stics service is flexible and has a short turnaround from campaign concept to execution. The Stics team is responsive to the emergent mandates of the gaming market and local conditions. Stics works with casino marketing and IT teams to minimize disruptions. Stics typically performs these services off site so no expensive hardware and software are required.

Find out More

Stics is so confident that CHIPS’ will provide immediate and substantial improvement in casino marketing operations that it announced a special promotion to qualified gaming organizations at the 2008 Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas in November. Casino representatives can learn more about the product by visiting Stics at

About Stics, Inc.

Stics is a privately held leading provider of predictive analytical services, statistical model building, and customized decision-support applications. The firm specializes in areas of customer relationship management and customer valuation with emphasis on delivering both software tools and statistical prediction services to casino and hospitality operations. Stics was founded in 2004 and began major progress in the casino and hospitality industry that same year. The firm acquired all the assets, technologies, and early work of a predecessor, Stone Analytics, Inc., gaining six more years of technological and business progress, and enabling Stics to build impressive technologies quickly. Stics is a San Diego based company and can be found on the web at, along with its technological acquisition


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