Casino Gaming Database Marketing Strategies

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No Change in Database Marketing Strategies

Another fact we learned from our casino marketing survey was that  most casino properties stuck with their existing db marketing strategies, even with the downturn. Basically, we found that:

  • Despite the status of the business, almost 40% (39.1%) of properties are not changing their db marketing strategies.
  • About a fourth of the industry is simply adjusting their marketing budget.  More properties are increasing spending (17.4%) than decreasing (8.7%) marketing spending as a response to the situation.
  • Another quarter (26.1%) are mailing different individuals with the same budget.
  • Another  8% of  properties are dealing with industry situation by buying new machines.

Strategies for db Marketing

The survey revealed that the gaming industry moved toward more tiering.

  • 27% used Three-tiered database
  • 42% mail 4- 12 tiers
  • 12% mail at least 25 tiers
  • 19% did not use or not known

Opportunity to improve mailing sophistication

Stics believes there is a lot of opportunity to database market more effectively. Based on the survey results, campaign effectiveness can be improved by:

  • Trying new things (because 40% were mailing same)
  • More complexity (because 69% were mailing fewer than 12 tiers)
  • More Sophistication (only 23% using predictive analytics)

At a high level we know that loyal customers do come back, they just don’t spend as much. The problem is knowing which customer are likely to have more money to spend and how to bring back less frequent customers. Stics can help with that. Stics can unlock the power of your current database to maximize profitability and marketing effectiveness. For more information, call us today. We are here to help.