Change Your Game with Predictive Analytics

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Predictive analytics continues to get a lot of attention not only in the corporate world but in the sports industry as well.  With the release of the movie Moneyball, more people have become aware of how predictive analytics can be a game changer not only in business but even in sports.

Billy Beane and Paul DePodesta were able to transform the business of professional baseball through predictive analytics. Sabermetrics is the specialized analytics used to analyze baseball records and make determinations about player performance. Sabermetrics is now used by some of the most popular baseball teams in the country including the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

Hit a Home Run Faster

Predictive analytics can help your casino gaming business hit a home run faster than you could ever imagine. Here are a few lessons from the movie that you can also apply to help improve your business performance:

  • Gain Competitive Edge – Don’t you want to know who your best customers are? Their behaviors? Average daily worth or profitability, reinvestment rates, probability of responding to an offer? With predictive analytics, you can find answers to some of the toughest questions in the casino gaming industry.
  • Confident Decision Making – Oftentimes, data diverge from our expectations that we become doubtful of our decisions and more afraid to take risk. However, predictive analytics can back you up with for making the most bizarre decisions for your business.
  • Better-Informed Decisions – Decision-makers used to rely on intuition and were exposed to biases most of the time. With predictive analytics, no more shot-in-the-dark decisions. Data-driven decisions can bring you better predictions and more efficient results.

  • Your Data is Your Asset – Gathering data is just as important as interpreting it. Through predictive analytics, you are able to unlock the potential of your old data and make better-informed decisions that eventually lead to your organization’s success.
  • Focus on the Right Data – Everyday your organization gathers a huge amount of data, but make sure you give emphasis on things that matters most to your business. Your data is your asset but it’s also an investment, don’t waste your efforts on meaningless data.
  • Invest Wisely – It’s obvious that acquiring a new customer is much more expensive than keeping one. Whether you own a small By investing on analytic tools, you won’t have to change your marketing team just to generate new ideas. Predictive analytics can provide you evaluations traditional marketers do not see.
  • Choose the right expert – Look for the right person or team for the job. Analysts are everywhere but choosing the ones who are specialized and knowledgeable in your industry would be of better than hiring a team of analysts from a different field of expertise.

Stics helps organizations leverage information by transforming data into insight – not complexity. With Stics, as your predictive analytics partner, you achieve business goals faster, focus on your core business, and gain a fast 10X ROI.

Call us if you would like to learn more. We are here to help.

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