Casino Gaming Pain Points

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Reduced Revenues from Same Number of Players the No. 1 Pain Point

Casino businesses have diverse pain points, so we narrowed them down to find out which is the biggest source of pain last year. According to our survey, these were the pain points of businesses last year:

  • Increase spend of players already coming (28%)
  • Get new customers to make up for the deficit in current play (24%)
  • Get players to play more since spending less (20%)
  • Add other form of spending to mix (12%)—stays, events, food, etc.
  • 4% changing reinvestment

With 57% of our respondents in their positions for less than 2 years, companies seem to be making investments in marketing talents to improve results. However, it appears that getting the same number of players to spend more is the top source of pain by their marketing people.

Stics, as your predictive analytics partner, can help you find your pain points and determine effective marketing solutions that can achieve 10x ROI fast.

If you would like to learn more, call us today. We are here to help.


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