Brothers In Crisis: Earthquake Hits New Zealand

February 23, 2011 by · Leave a Comment  

Our hearts go out to the people of  New Zealand

We were personally touched by this recent geologic event  as our VP of Sales Leland Rolling and his family  traveled to New Zealand to play on the U.S. Tennis Team.

We are so thankful that Leland and his family are home safely and had no serious injuries.  Fortunately, they were all together when it hit, but they were also in the center of town where buildings collapsed around them.

Its our philosophy to encourage our team to follow their passion and do what they love. For that reason Leland was strongly encouraged to play competitive tennis and follow his dream which lead him to New Zealand. Living in Southern California we are no strangers to earthquakes. The Stics family has escaped so many and yet our star tennis player goes half way around the world only to find his family in the middle of tremendous destruction caused by an earthquake.