MGM M Life Utilizes Innovative Customer Loyalty Program

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M Life Logo MGM Resort Loyalty ProgramMGM Generates Complete Customer Profile Across the Brand

In today’s economy, brands are finding new ways to be smart about attracting customers. Las Vegas casinos have always offered marketing promotions and comps such as free drinks, hotel rooms or tokens to keep customers coming back.

None, however, have gone as far as the new customer reward program from MGM Casinos M Life.  This new customer loyalty program for MGM has found an innovative way to reward their customers and build brand loyalty.

Rather than focusing solely on customer’s gambling patterns, MGM tracks members of their reward program across all resorts and all facets of their hotels, including clubs, dining, spas, shopping and gambling. MGM then uses this information to offer its customers perks targeted to their personal interests. For more information on the program visit the M Life site or this recent Las Vegas Sun article about M Life.

Stics is pleased to have a number of MGM properties as Stics Predictive Analytics clients. MGM has a very strong marketing organization and they are always looking to improve their marketing strategies and tactics.  As marketing optimization experts, Stics understand the complexities in executing multi faceted marketing program and expect the M Life approach to further enhance MGM Casinos revenue retention while building stronger brand loyalty with high value guests.

Casino Marketing Trends

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Casino Marketing Survey

Earlier this year, Stics conducted a preliminary research project to gauge the state of the U.S. gaming industry, from a marketing perspective. We contacted both senior level business executives as well as high to mid-level marketing department professionals to learn more about their challenges and perceptions.

Listed below is a high level summary of some of the more interesting observations.

Top 5 Casino Marketing Observations

  1. Respondents felt their casino marketing efforts were performing well – despite the down economy.
  2. Direct mail volume of was up by 10 – 20%.
  3. Marketers put more value on the website and online programs while business leaders didn’t see value in the websites as compared to direct mail and analysis.
  4. Business leaders are “likely” to “very likely” to invest in new marketing technologies but marketing teams were “very unlikely” to “unlikely” to invest.
  5. Marketers were concerned about expenses.

While it is obvious that the economy has taken its toll on casino marketers and the gaming industry as a whole, Stics believes that today’s casino marketers are being asked to do more with less. As a result, they are executing on a large number of campaigns to a wider audience. This presents them with the new challenge of how to profitably reach this wider audience.

Stics is currently conducting a more comprehensive study as a follow up to our preliminary findings. We will keep you posted on other interesting facts when they become available.

Stics helps casino marketers reach a wider, more profitable audience through the efficient and effective use of predictive modeling. If you have any questions about predictive analytics for casino marketing, please give us a call. We look forward to speaking with you.