Should Gambling Be Legal In Texas?

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Public Supports Gambling

Should gambling be legal in Texas? That was one of many interesting question in a recent independent poll of voters from the University of Texas and the Texas Tribune. The survey shows gambling has a fair amount of support in the public: The support for gaming is on the rise in Texas with 56 percent saying they would allow full casino gambling compared to 8 percent who want to ban gambling all together.

Details about the push for expanded Texas gambling can be found on the Texas Gaming Association website and is being fueled by the States budget shortfall expected to exceeding $15 Billion.

The casino owners say their plan could produce $1 billion, mostly through the fees that operators would pay for the licenses to operate casinos.

Everybody Wants a Piece of the Casino Gaming Pie

Today dozens of casinos in the neighboring states of Tennessee and Louisiana benefit from a large population of destination gamblers who live in the Dallas metropolitan area. Oklahoma is also gaming on gaming to fill its state coffers with 70 Oklahoma casinos with plans to expand gaming within the State.

Legalizing gaming in Texas would have a significant negative effect on existing regional gaming properties. For that reason we find it difficult to support this push. What are your thoughts? Do we have enough casinos near Texas?

Las Vegas Strip Recovery Under Way

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Casino Stocks Rise from Recession Lows

The Las Vegas Sun reported that the gaming industry recovery on the Las Vegas Strip will continue this year and accelerate in 2012 according to a prediction by, Moody’s Investors Service in a recent market update.

Wynn Casinos, Las Vegas Sands and MGM Resorts have all shown huge gains in stocks from their March 2009 lows, outstripping even the solid performance by the broad market. Las Vegas Sands (LVS), Wynn Resorts (WYNN) and MGM Resorts (MGM) are up 3,299%, 722% and 546%, respectively, but they are still not close to their 2007 highs.

Does this prove that people are feeling better and ready to gamble again?

G2E 2010 Gets Serious

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Stics back from Global Gaming Conference

In keeping with serious economic times, the Global Gaming Conference (G2E ) turned serious this year. Upon entering this year’s G2E in fun filled Las Vegas, many things looked the same but one thing had clearly changed. The suits were back!

Stics has exhibited at the G2E for many years.  In the recent past, the de facto dressed code was the business casual polo shirt. That fashion statement changed this year in keeping with the serious nature of business.

In addition to a sea of suits, we observed fewer booths, less giveaways, lean booth staffs and more earnestness. Next year the gaming industries marquee event will be moved up a month and have a new location at the Sands convention center.

So as the saying goes….everything old is new again. But I do hope that shoulder pads get lost forever.